Creating value for the Group and for society

At Orange we go forward in the belief that digital technology is a powerful tool for economic and social development. The incredible potential for progress and innovation that it offers must be made available to the greatest number of people.

Orange's CSR approach is built around this value of shared progress. Encouraging the development of more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative solutions, our approach introduces new opportunities for creating value for society as a whole, as well as for Orange.

  1. A fair value sharing

As an integral part of the Group’s strategy, CSR commits all of our subsidiaries to three drivers for sustainable performance: trusted support for our stakeholders, local support for economic and social development in each country, and a carefully balanced environmental equation.

Working from this basis, and through an internal culture that promotes innovation, our corporate citizenship commitment ensures that all of our activities have the same focus: making digital technology a catalyst for progress for society and individuals alike.

The 3 pillars of our CSR policy

Our entire CSR effort would only be so many fine words if not backed by responsible governance and directed by clearly stated ethical principles and a policy of fighting corruption, as well as respect for human rights in every field, the whole widely distributed throughout the Group by a dedicated network, and by employees who share our conviction.

Nor would it be very effective if not based on constructive dialogue with our stakeholders, and on incorporating their needs and expectations into our policies.

But what also carries us forward is our wish to help the general public understand the major challenges of digital technology, with complete transparency.

  1. In 2015, Orange continues to engage with large international organizations