Orange Fab: producing innovation and success

The Orange Fab network was launched in March 2013 in Silicon Valley. It supports startups with innovative projects and existing products or services. For the teams selected, being part of the program for three months offers opportunities for them to significantly accelerate their business and access the potential markets represented by Orange and its partners. And why not become future world champions? Today, the Orange Fab network has 12 structures across four continents.

Orange Fab

Twice a year, each Orange Fab selects an average of four to seven promising startups. In October 2016, almost 220 young businesses are currently being or have already been accelerated thanks to Orange Fab. Some have been able to offer innovative services for our customers, quickly becoming essential features in their lives thanks to their relevance and the services provided!

Orange Fab: support enabling startups to boost their development

The startups are able to benefit from advice, training and special events, as well as resources and expertise. For instance, they have access to customer bases, user focus groups to test out their products, or even advice from experts in a range of fields, from marketing to technologies and user design.

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The Orange Fab program offers coaching and support: both physical (access to coworking spaces) and immaterial (expert advice on various aspects, including design, participation in international events, etc.). Depending on their maturity, startups can also benefit from privileged access to Orange's distribution channels and resources, as well as its local and international markets.
Alongside this, they have opportunities to take part in major internal or external events, with international visibility.

Startups in the Orange Fab program can be put in touch with investors, influencers, decision-makers, partners, etc. In certain countries, they can also benefit from financial support - up to 15,000 euros - as well as logistical support.

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Enabling startups to broaden their horizons, Orange has ramped up its partnership with Deutsche Telekom. Together, they have set up an international alliance, alongside Singtel and Telefonica, paving the way for startups to access the markets offered by these partners. They represent a combined potential of over one billion mobile customers, with complementary geographical positions.

  1. Go Ignite

Orange Fab, start-ups at the heart of Orange Open Innovation

All the fabs

  1. Orange Fab USA
  2. Orange Fab Asia
  3. Fab Israël
  4. Orange Fab Côte d'Ivoire
  5. Orange Fab Senegal
  6. Orange Fab Cameroon
  7. Orange Fab Poland
  8. Orange Fab France
  9. Orange Fab Spain
  10. BIG by Orange (Jordan)

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published on June 8, 2015
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