Orange and European policy

  • Why do European policy debates concern telecoms operators?
  • How does Orange Group play a part in these debates?

Orange operates in 10 European Union Member States..

The activities of the EU, in particular those aiming to deepen the Single Market, have a direct impact on what we do and the way we do it. The EU - through its institutions : Commission, Parliament, Council and Court - also has a fundamental influence on the laws and regulations tabled in the Member States where the Group operates.

The aim of the Brussels bureau is to be active in the continuing policy dialogue and to explain, to all those taking part, what the Group does, and why. The Group also highligts the material support for the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe, launched in 2010.

In order to achieve these ambitions, the Orange team in Brussels is in daily contact with all those involved in devising and framing the laws and regulations that govern our business. And on these pages we hope to open a wider dicussion about some of the major issues that confront our industry.

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last update: 15 October 2014