Data for Development

Each day, the digital world generates several trillion bytes. These billions of billions of bytes come from everywhere: climate sensors, social media, digital images, videos posted online, online shopping and mobile phone signals, to name a few sources.
These massive volumes of data or Big data is one of the major IT challenges in the years 2010-2020, both in terms of treatment and applications.
Directly concerned through its networks, Orange explores Big data as an opportunity for economic and social development in the countries where the Group operates. 

On May 1, 2013, Orange handed out the prizes for its Data for Development Challenge. 

The competition rewards research conducted on the possible ways in which anonymous operating statistics for mobile networks could be used for socio-economic development. Through Data for Development, and in partnership with Orange Côte d’Ivoire, local authorities and regulatory bodies, the Group is considering how the international scientific community can use big data to improve the well-being of populations.

It is also implementing its ‘Orange for Development’ program, which is at the heart of its corporate social responsibility approach.

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last update: 03 October 2013