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In France, Tuesdays are changing thanks to Orange Cinéday. The cinema is better when you go with a friend so, every Tuesday, Orange customers can invite a person of their choice to the cinema, subject to availability.

It all started in the United Kingdom in 2004 with “Orange Wednesdays”, an initiative in line with the brand’s commitment to cinema. Since then, Orange has taken over 27 million of its customers to the cinema, and the offer has been extended to 8 other countries.The initiative has been rolled out in France under the name “Orange Cinéday”. Every Tuesday, Orange offers its customers two tickets for the price of one. All the customer needs to do is choose who to go with!

With Orange Cinéday, trips to the cinema are no longer just a weekend activity

All Orange customers in mainland France can take advantage of the Cinéday offer, whatever their price plan. This offer is valid for all public screenings at participating cinemas, with the exception of premieres. Orange has teamed up with the biggest cinema chains and extended its offer to every day by including many independent cinemas.
Customers can request their Cinéday code between the Wednesday and the following Tuesday before the screening of their choice using their mobile, their fixed line or on
Then, all they have to do is show the code to the cashier at one of the participating cinemas to get two tickets for the price of one. Customers can have as many codes as they have Orange accounts, and can redeem the offer every week, subject to availability. Note: the code is only valid on the Tuesday following the request.

And if customers no longer need the Cinéday code that they requested, they can give it away on the Cinéday code-sharing community for Orange customers.

Orange Cinéday at the heart of digital

Orange has developed a vibrant community around the Cinéday program:

  • a “Cinéday” mobile app. Available for Android or iPhone (on French distribution platforms), the app enables customers to receive their code, and get all the latest cinema news directly on their mobile: trailers, synopses, reviews, etc.
  • The Cinéday site and an active presence on social media through a Twitter account and an Orange Cinéma Facebook page.

Benefits appreciated by everyone

A study conducted by the BVA in March 2013 of a panel of Cinéday users showed that customers like the Cinéday offer. In addition, Orange Cinéday has also had a positive impact on the cinema industry.
Finally, when sat in front of a film, a hospitalized child is just a child! Orange is proud to support the Les Toiles Enchantées charity.

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With Orange Cinéday, trips to the cinema are no longer just a weekend activity
published on March 5, 2015
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