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Thursday October 23 2014
the Internet of things from top to toe

Whether they are useful or just for fun, ‘smart’ objects are becoming more and more common around us. “In 10 years’ time, there will be over 600 million smart objects in France”, stated Orange CEO Stéphane Richard at the 2014 Hello! sho...


Wednesday October 22 2014
addicted to tech shows?

The Hello! Show 2014, which was characterized by an avalanche of technological innovations, took place in Paris a few days ago. Meanwhile, the fifth TEDx Paris event was held on October 5. Moreover, another flagship digital event is already u...


Tuesday October 21 2014
#WF14: last but not least

The 2014 edition of the Women’s Forum relevantly celebrated its tenth anniversary with a broad selection of conferences and the Plenagora arranged in a circle to offer better visibility of the presenters and bring the 1,300 participants even...


Tuesday October 21 2014
liberate your IT team!

liberate your IT team from managing infrastructure to focus on delivering value to the business“Networking is the hardest part of Cloud” says a project manager involved in the development of Orange Business Services’ Private Cloud solutions....


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Tuesday January 21 2014
10 Startups you didn

This week, Tariq Krim announced his intention to create a list of 100 French hackers who have been integral in the development of the Internet as we know i


Monday December 30 2013
Best Of 2013: A Roundup Of Creators Project End Of The Year Lists

Though you may be at your wit's end when it comes to end of the year roundups, we wanted to make things easy for our readers and put all of our Best of 2013 lists together in one succinct spot. There were many good ones...


Wednesday December 18 2013
5 Biggest Social Media Lessons of 2013

2013 showed us that there's a growing global business in accumulating friends and followers. There were also social media gaffes and hacks mixed in.

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