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#summerwell well, Romania makes your summer sing!

After Warsaw, Glasto, Pohoda, let’s talk about the Summer Well Festival 2014 in Romania….Described as a ‘Festival like a holiday’, Orange Romania brings you a weekend of sun, an awesome location and quality music. good music in a beautiful landscape Last year’s Summer Well Festival welcomed over 22,000 visitors, and this time round, it’s set […]

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#cinema Dawn of the Planet of the Apes… and before

Synopsis: Ten years after a horrible pandemic, apes have evolved and now live in harmony in tribes, hunting on horseback, communicating by sign language, in a type of society increasingly resembling that of the first humans. But one day, they catch sight of some humans—thought to have died out—forcing them to question everything they had […]

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My Healthline: Orange's first healthcare hotline in Cameroon

an sms-based preventive medical service 

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5 games apps for an enjoyable commute

[first publication on June 25, 2013] Train? Bus? Taxi? Tube? However you commute to work in the morning, here are some guilty game pleasures to keep you awake and make the journey a whole lot more enjoyable! Though perhaps not recommended for motorists and cyclists! Candy Crush Remember Taito Corp.’s bubble-popping “Bust-A-Move”? If you were […]

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#TDF14 “England, rain, 4G, on-board camera” Henri Terreaux’s assessment of the Tour de France

Starting out in Great Britain to unbridled jubilation from the English crowd, the 101st Tour de France belonged to Vincenzo Nibali, the Italian yellow jersey, who was unexpectedly joined on the podium by two Frenchmen following an eventful race. Followed by the entire world’s media in spite of the World Cup, the Tour de France […]

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Orange and TAPcheck® join forces to develop connected objects in the healthcare sector

Paris, 25 July 2014 

European policy

brainstorming on the European regulation at the ETNO-MLex summit

Eric Debroeck, Head of Regulatory Affairs for Orange, took part to the panel focused on "The future of telecoms regulation in Europe", at the annual ETNO-MLex summit held June 25, 2014.


Mobinil utilizes Mobile Technology to increase health awareness for diabetes

Mobinil in collaboration with Orange labs launched an awareness campaign supported by Diabetes & Ramadan International Alliance (DAR) during the holy month of Ramadan utilizing mobile technology to increase awareness for diabetes and support patients experience safe fasting.

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smarten up your phone this summer

Summer is a time for holidays, meeting new people and leisure activities. Sip a cocktail with friends by the pool, capture forever your friends making fools of themselves, listen to music on the beach and be stylish at that all-important moment when you exchange phone numbers: is it time to upgrade your smartphone? Here are […]

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the summer series: 1 demo day, 5 continents and 7 start-ups. Emberlight: fiat lux!

Emberlight is an innovation allowing customers to pilot the lights in their homes from anywhere in the world. We just joined the 3rd season of Orange Fab in San Francisco”...

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staying fit in the summer #apps

[first publication: August 7, 2013] Throughout your summer holidays, you will no doubt be making the most of the local gastronomy and the inevitable mid-afternoon ice cream. In order to avoid losing the perfect silhouette you’ve worked so hard to achieve in the last few months, here are a couple of apps that might come […]

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high-tech sports: a game changer

Whichever team you support, whatever game you play, sport is one of the things that the whole world enjoys. This year’s World Cup in Brazil and Wimbledon just goes to show that even major sporting tournaments are still as exciting as ever. But as sport has evolved, so too has technology, and the two are […]

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innovation at Orange as seen by Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière

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#summerwell well, Romania makes your summer sing!

31/07/2014 07h15
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It’s #summer and time for #vacations for most of us. At #orange we think that YOU #igers are the best people to share your #holidays. Share your summer pics all August long, mention @orange and #mySummer and you’ll have a surprised gift when it will be time to go back to school or work. Enjoy your summer everyone !

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Must read in +The Guardian : "From Google to Amazon: EU goes to war against power of US digital giants"

23/07/2014 15h11