it’s Christmas in all the Orange countries

A selection of Christmas campaigns being run throughout the festive season in the Orange countries. Find out about the special offers being launched to mark the occasion, as well as the festive ambiance and magical traditions of each country celebrating this time of year.


in France: ‘vivement Noël’ (‘Can’t wait for Christmas!’)

From December 2-24, Orange is offering its customers a unique opportunity to win hundreds of gifts through the ‘vivement Noël’ campaign aired on the TF1 television channel and MyTF1 website. An original and interactive cross-media operation!


in all the Orange countries

in Moldova: making of the Christmas campaign
in Poland: Jupilaaa!
in Romania: unlimited
in Spain: jump from tariff to tariff with Orange
in Armenia: the new year is changing with Orange
in Luxembourg: winter wonderland
in the Caribbean: Christmas is changing with Orange
in Côte d’Ivoire: sending new year wishes and giving thanks

last update: 31 December 2012

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