4G, surf at the speed of light

After the successful launch of 4G by joint venture EE on October 30 in the UK, Orange is continuing to roll out the network of the future in France and in Moldova.

In France, live on the Hello! show on November 21, Stéphane Richard launched the 4G Pro offer in three new cities, Nantes, Lyon and Lille. Since November 20, Orange Moldova has been offering one of the first 4G packages to the general public. People living in the capital, Chişinău, are among the first to benefit from mobile broadband at incredible speeds.

Orange Moldova has one of the best 3G networks, and is today one of the first countries in the whole of the France Telecom-Orange Group to offer 4G to its customers. Orange’s innovative role in the country is nothing new. After being the first country in the world to launch HD voice for international calls on October 24, to launch text message banking services and several other innovations, today Orange Moldova can offer the most advanced technology in existence: 4G LTE.

Moldovans surf at the speed of light

4G provides greater coverage and efficiency with speeds of up to 150 Mbps, 10 times faster than 3G. Stream videos live in HD, download without waiting, play online games, use video chat to talk to your loved ones or at a business meeting over your mobile phone or tablet, at home or when on the move by coach, train or plane: everything is possible thanks to the 4G network!

The goal is to encourage everyone in the country to use these high-performance, high-quality services which are simple to use and affordable, in order to meet the extensive needs of the general public in their day-to-day use, as well as firms in the private sector to support the development of their businesses. By offering 4G to some 1 million active citizens living in Chişinău, Orange is reaffirming its commitment to providing all its customers with the most innovative products and services to make telecommunications more accessible in Moldova.

Orange is the undisputed pioneer of 4G technology

In 2011, initial technical rollout began in the United States and in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Valencia, as well as in Belgium and Luxembourg. In the UK, Orange have been providing a 4G service in 11 of the country’s largest cities, including London, since October 30. A further five cities will be covered by Christmas. Then in France, Marseille became the first 4G pilot city in June 2012. Following the rollout in Nantes, Lyon and Lille, 10 further cities will have 4G coverage by April 2013. Initially, the offer will target business customers, but will be extended to include the general public in February 2013.

published on November 27, 2012
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