Orange celebrates three years in Armenia

Orange has recently celebrated its third year of operating in Armenia, and marked the occasion with its first rather flattering balance sheet.

Orange’s arrival has been the starting point for fundamental changes in the country. The internet market has been completely overhauled, while genuine competition has developed on the mobile phone market.

One of Orange’s innovations was to launch the first 42.2Mb/s network in the country’s three largest cities, as well as to provide a 21.6 Mb/s network across the rest of its coverage area. Orange's offers have also boosted the smartphone market by making them more affordable. In addition,

Orange is continuing to extend its Wi-Fi network; today, for example, all new buses in the capital city, Yerevan, are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Orange is also developing and supporting a number of cultural actions, such as the first edition of the Orange Book Prize, the winner of which has already seen their work published. Not forgetting cinema too, as Orange is a partner of the Hayak Awards which support Armenian cinema.

Orange is also strongly committed to being a socially responsible company, and this year, for the first time, it has set up an eco-label rating system. Lastly, thanks to the Orange Foundation, over 17,000 people have been granted access to eye exams, with more than 1,000 receiving free operations.

In short, in just three years, Orange has become part of the daily lives of over 600,000 Armenians and is working every day to improve the lives of its customers.

published on November 8, 2012
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