2012 Orange Book Prize in Armenia : internet voting opens

Orange is partnering the second edition of the Orange Book Prize in Armenia, in the hope of making literature accessible to as many people as possible. Avid readers have until February 13 to vote for their favorite short story, novel, fairytale, or poem from among the three titles in each category as chosen by the judging panel.

Orange launched this new literary prize in Armenia in 2011, with a judging panel made up of web users whose votes decide on the best books of the year. Anyone who loves literature can share their opinion on the competition’s website or come to the public readings, debates, and meetings with authors organized to generate interest in literature as a whole.

The competition, organized by Orange Armenia in partnership with the Armenian Book Center NGO, acknowledges an unpublished Armenian-language novel each year. A total of 470 entries were submitted for the second year of the competition, including 155 short stories, 236 poems, 39 novels, and 40 fairytales.
The winners of the 2012 Orange Book Prize will be announced on February 20. The winner of each category will receive a prize of 500,000 Armenian drams, with the exception of the “public vote” category, where the winning writer will have 500 copies of their work printed.

2012 Orange Book Prize finalists

short story
Aghasi Tadevosyan - Daily Stories from my America
Nare Sahakyan - Hamo’s Favorite Flower
Vruyr Tadevosyan - The Woman with Blue Tie

Narine Kroyan - Jericho
Hovhannes Teqgyozyan - Skin Ache

Elfik Zohrabyan - The Narcissus
Erazik Grigoryan - Your Excellency Bad Old Witch
Meruzhan Harutyunyan - Little Donkey and Grey Wolf

Karen Antashyan - Requiem
Lola Koundakjian - Little Donkey and Grey Wolf
Shushanik Tamrazyan - Magus Kings

Orange and literature

In line with its content partnership strategy, Orange supports the book industry with a range of digital resources. To this end, Orange is developing a number of innovative services, such as the Read and Go platform (a digital reading application for newspapers, books and comics), and is experimenting with new for reading and writing applications by offering community platforms (the Orange Book Community for French fiction; Lecteurs.com for all types of reading) and transmedia storytelling projects (Fanfan2). The Orange Book Prize complements this initiative by organizing literary events.
Orange has also launched the MO3T project for the distribution of e-books in the most accessible way possible, within a consortium that brings together all those involved in the book industry: telecommunications operators, publishers, bookshops, specialist companies, etc.
And finally, in partnership with the Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France), Orange is launching a collection of enhanced books online and for tablets. This project, which is aimed at the general public and schoolchildren, seeks to explore the ways in which digital technology can contribute to the transfer of knowledge. The first enhanced novel on offer is the digital reissue of Voltaire’s Candide. The iPad application, which can be downloaded free of charge, was launched in December 2012 and the website will be launched in March 2013. A trial in schools is currently in progress.

published on February 6, 2013
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