Orange supports Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day, organized by Insafe – a company under the supervision of the European Commission – and held in February each year, promotes safer and more responsible use of Internet and mobile technologies, particularly among children and young people.

The event has grown over the years and Safer Internet Day is now organized in more than 90 countries around the world. This year’s theme, to mark the event's 10th anniversary, is “online rights and responsibilities”. It urges users to “connect with respect”.

Promoting the safe and responsible use of our products and services, particularly with regard to child protection, is a major commitment for Orange. To enable customers to use the online environment in complete confidence, the Group is developing tools and initiatives designed not just for young children, but also for their parents, so they can support their children in their digital lives.

international initiatives

In France: in March, Orange is restarting its free in-store training for its customers on the theme of child protection on the Internet (parental control on the Internet, TV and mobiles, and the responsible use of social media networks). This new round will supplement the 234 sessions held in 2012 across 19 cities.
Orange is a partner of the Safer Internet Day committee in Armenia and actively promotes the European Commission website, In addition, this year,

Orange Armenia will hold regular awareness-raising workshops on the proper use of the Internet, giving customers a better understanding of the online protection tools available. These workshops will take place in schools to help children, parents and teachers. The educational tools will be available to the public in Armenia on

Orange Romania, which supports Save The Children Romania, is participating in the organization of the “Safer Internet Day Awards” for the sixth year running. These awards recognize and reward the best digital projects submitted by children aged 5 to 18 with their parents or teachers. Prizes are also given out to the best contributors to Safer Internet Day on the theme of “Online respect”.

Orange Spain is reaffirming its commitment and has launched a new website,, which is dedicated to the safe and responsible use of new technologies and child protection online. Developed in partnership with the CTIC Foundation, this site aims to become the benchmark for families and teachers. They can use it to find information, advice, tools and essential resources for surfing the Internet in complete confidence. Orange is also organizing a convention with its partner, the Protegeles association, and the Spanish "Safer Internet Programme" Center, which will bring together the Minister for Communications, experts and children around issues relating to Internet use.

Since 2008, Orange Slovakia has been supporting a national psychologist intervention program in schools. The aim of this awareness-raising campaign is to teach children to be responsible and to protect themselves online. To mark Safer Internet Day, Orange Slovakia is organizing a press conference to announce the results achieved over the program's four years, and to preview its next exhibition on the online world. The general public - parents, children and teachers - will be invited to take an interactive, fun and educational journey, supervised by expert psychologists.

The Orange Poland foundation, the lead partner of Safer Internet Day, is organizing a conference in partnership with the Nobody’s Children Foundation, followed by a public forum on children’s safety online. The foundation is also launching a nationwide competition in primary schools which will reward the best article written on the subject and published in a school newspaper.

published on February 5, 2013
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