Noise Off : the 1st music festival live on the web

The Noise Off festival is an online event sponsored by Orange Spain which celebrates music in all its forms. To celebrate its first anniversary, Noise Off invites you to Madrid and its website on January 19, 2013 to watch the exclusive concerts live!

The Noise Off festival is an excellent way to discover young Spanish talent, with all music styles being represented: pop-rock, hard-rock, fusion, indie, hip-hop, song writing, classical, electro, flamenco and music of black origin.
The festival has chosen to use the web to offer an open and democratic online platform where all artists and fans can put forward their tracks in a way which is easy and free of charge. They have complete freedom to choose where their performances are filmed: on a rooftop, amongst nature or in a lift, for example, with the only limitation being their imagination.

Noise Off invites all music fans to come together on January 19, 2013 at 20h to go on a creative musical journey by discovering new artists in a festive and fun way. Web 2.0 enables there to be a bond between artists and the public which would otherwise be impossible to achieve, and Noise Off is now looking to take advantage of these new possibilities:

  • creating a strong link between musicians and fans
  • giving a space to all forms of music
  • creating an experimental revolutionary environment
  • profiting from the power of live music
  • sharing the customs of a concert and opening the doors to the spirituality offered by music

Orange Spain supports talented young musicians

As the result of three years of research on music with the support of Orange Spain in collaboration with Dailymotion and other partners, Noise Off is an innovative project which seeks to provide a new way for artists to promote themselves. All that remains for them to do is to win over the public, as web users have a huge say when it comes to their popularity. For the first edition in 2012, the artists voted for by web users appeared at the Orange Café in Madrid, and the concerts can still be viewed on the festival’s website.

I Aniversario Noise off - 19 de Enero de 2013
published on January 18, 2013
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