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The objective of ‘Navega Seguro’, the new portal launched by Orange Spain in collaboration with the CTIC Foundation, is to guide, inform and educate people about ICT. The aim is to identify risks and propose simple solutions to help families and teachers to provide guidance for children using the Internet.

raising awareness to make the Internet safer

What can be done  if our sons and daughters are victims of sexting or cyberbullying? What  are the most appropriate applications for very young children? How do  you install a parental control system? How do you use social media? The  answer to all these questions can be found on ‘Navega Seguro’,  which aims not only to inform, but also to encourage participation by  offering users the opportunity to comment, give their opinions and  suggest new ideas.

The purpose of this portal is to provide a  benchmark environment for families and teachers, where they can go to  find recommendations, advice and resources in relation to training and  guidance for children about the importance of staying safe on the  Internet. It offers straightforward explanations and educational  approaches to answer any questions parents may have depending on the age  of their children. This provides tools and appropriate training for  adults who must:

  • help children to adopt ICT as a natural form of communication.
  • know  how to react to a crime committed on the Internet or to any other issue  violating a child’s privacy or endangering their safety.
  • encourage creativity in very young children within a controlled, sociable and safe environment.
  • be aware of issues relating to information security and new trends.

Orange commits to responsible ICT use

This  initiative is one of a number of activities undertaken by Orange Spain  in recent years as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy,  aimed at raising awareness, promoting and providing training on using  ICT safely. In Spain, Orange has developed a very proactive policy in  the field of child protection. As such, last May, Orange launched the  “Protecting children" mobile app for smartphones and tablets, which  allows you to anonymously report users of tendentious content or who are  abusive. The application, which can be downloaded free of charge in  Orange stores and online, connects directly to the anonymous line  promoted by the European Commission in Spain.

Orange, parents’ digital companion

The Group’s policy on digital protection for children is based  around three principles: promoting responsible usage, training and  supporting parents and educators, developing the visibility and  effectiveness of parental control tools.
Orange is reaffirming its  commitment to safety while surfing the Web. As part of its corporate  social responsibility policy, Orange supports Safer Internet Day, a  worldwide event which is celebrated in February every year. For its 10th  edition, scheduled for February 5, 2013, the theme will be “Online  Rights and Responsibilities”.

last update: 22 January 2013

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