HD voice arrives in Slovakia

Orange customers will be the first to benefit from enhanced voice quality in Slovakia.

Orange is the first operator in Slovakia to make drastic improvements to the sound quality of its voice calls, offering HD quality to all customers, automatically and free of charge. Following several weeks of testing, this new technology has now been rolled out. It drastically improves the quality of all telephone calls, making sounds clearer and easier to understand, reducing background noise, and giving speakers the sense of being closer to one another so that they can communicate more successfully.

The launch of this new technology confirms Orange’s position as leader on the Slovakian market. The entire Orange 3G network in Slovakia is eligible for HD voice, provided that users have a compatible phone or device.

HD voice technology transmits voices over a wider range of frequencies, between 50 and 7,000 Hz, producing an enhanced sound quality and improved understanding through the addition of higher and lower frequencies. The new technology also allows Orange to improve the sound quality in non-compatible phones, thanks to TrFO (transcoder free operation) functionality.
HD calls are yet another innovation from Orange, as part of its aim to maximize the benefits of digital advances for all of its customers.

published on May 29, 2013
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