in Armenia it’s time for the Orange Book Prize 2013

In Armenia, Orange recently announced the launch of the 2013 “Orange Book Prize”.

Now in its third year, this award aims to promote reading and literature and showcase contemporary Armenian authors, making them more accessible to a wider audience through the use of digital technologies. The competition is jointly organized by Orange and the National Book Chamber of Armenia.

The Orange Book Prize is not awarded by professionals from the world of literature; on the contrary, the winner is chosen by readers and book lovers, who are invited to take part by voting for their favorite book. The huge interest generated by last year’s award is testament to the importance of this event in Armenian popular culture.
The competition is open to anyone who writes in Armenian and who submits a previously unpublished novel (any works that have appeared exclusively online are considered as being unpublished).

the stages of the competition

Candidates are invited to submit entries in one of four categories: short story, novel, tale and poetry, and all applications must be received by December 26, 2013.
A judging panel will select a maximum of three works in each category, which will be published online on the competition’s official website. Readers will then have until March 21, 2014 to vote for their favorite via the Orange Armenia Facebook page.
The judging panel will have an additional vote to select their winner in each category. In addition, a “readers’ award” will be presented to the author of the work that receives the most online votes across all of the categories.
The winners will be announced at a ceremony held on March 28, 2014. They will each receive a print run of 500 copies of their work, as well as a cash prize.

Orange and books

Orange supports book lovers in their use of digital technology and is developing a range of innovative services, such as the Read and Go platform (a digital reading application for newspapers, books and comics). Orange is also experimenting with new reading and writing applications by offering community-based platforms ( and transmedia storytelling projects (Fanfan2) to members of the public.
Orange also launched the Orange Book Prize in France in 2009, chaired by Erik Orsenna, while the Armenian-language awards were launched in 2011.

published on November 8, 2013
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