100 reasons to be with Orange: a huge competition in Moldova

In Moldova, 30 Orange customers have just won prizes for having given the best explanations of choosing Orange as their operator. They took up the challenge set by the Orange Moldova team on their Facebook page, the question being simply to explain their reasons for choosing Orange.

The competition “100 reasons to be with Orange” was held between August 1 and 21 this year. Entrants were invited to post the reasons that convinced them to join the Orange family on the Orange Moldova Facebook page. The posts that received the largest number of “likes” were named the winners of the competition.
The competition was a resounding success – customers listed far more than 100 reasons to be with Orange. After all, it’s not by chance that Orange is the number one operator in Moldova...

a few quotes

“I am a teacher and have been with Orange for 13 years. My students convinced me to take part and many of them have voted for me. I’m really happy to have won a tablet; I’ll use it in class to teach IT...”

“I’d like to say that regardless of the competition prize, I really feel that your company rewards me every day with your quality of service and friendly staff...”

“The competition was really original and it was a pleasure to take part, although initially it was my son who had intended to take up the challenge! I’m sure that many people would love to be as successful as you are...”

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published on September 11, 2013
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