Orange's new Livebox Play range available from the 7th of February

Paris, Thursday, January 31, 2013

Orange's Livebox Play showcased by Orange CEO Stephane Richard at "Hello", the show dedicated to innovation, on 21st November, will be on sale from 7th February 2013.

Customers have been eagerly awaiting the new device, which comes in the shape of an Internet box and a set-top box. Indeed, nearly 100,000 pre-orders were placed in just over two weeks, on the website.
"The new Livebox Play is packed full of cutting-edge technologies" declared Delphine Ernotte Cunci, Executive Director of Orange France. "In combination with the Livebox Play packages, customers will be able to use all their screens to enjoy a vast range of uses, including browsing the internet, playing games and social networking."

an even more powerful and innovative box

The new Livebox Play lets customers share everything quicker, with fibre optic download speeds of up to 200 Mb/s, 10 times faster than ADSL(1), and up to 50 Mb/s for uploads. For example, a 700 Mb film can be legally downloaded in 28 seconds instead of in 4 mins 40 by ADSL.
With dual Wi-Fi, customers can connect the whole house in high definition to watch films in HD quality on multiple screens and enjoy even better coverage. This latest generation 2.4 and 5 Ghz dual band Wi-Fi covers the entire range of connection requirements for all your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) for unlimited use throughout the house.

a simple box, designed to make life easier

Its OLED screen displays information in real time making it easy to install and easy to use.
Customers can use the "my Livebox" application, available free of charge (excluding connection costs) for smartphones and tablets, to configure and control their box: it is easy to schedule Wi-Fi activation or an internet connection for every device on specific days and at specific times. .
A new range of telephones with the latest DECT technology provide improved sound and comfort. It is also possible to wirelessly connect up to 4 telephones with shared contacts.

a new Livebox Play set-top box for a faster and smoother user interface

Orange's Livebox Play set-top box is equipped with an Intel processor, one of the most powerful on the market, combining fluidity and speed. Paul Otellini, CEO of the Intel Corporation explained: "From the beginning, Orange asked us for our most powerful processor. That's what we gave them, with the Intel Groveland processor. It’s great to see such an innovative product importing the best of the internet to TV and to other Full HD devices - 3D graphics, video games, and much more. "
With this set-top box, it is now possible to easily browse the internet and access a store with dozens of applications such as Deezer, Dailymotion, Allociné... (the catalogue will be regularly extended over time).
Orange customers will also be able to interact directly on social networks (Twitter, Facebook) from their TV, in connection with the program they are watching.
The remote control includes all the latest technologies to hit the market: gyroscopic control to change channels and adjust the volume with a simple stroke, a keyboard for surfing the internet and social networks and a joystick to play games directly on the TV. The remote control also uses radio frequency so you no longer need to point it at the set-top box.

The Cloud gaming package on Orange TV also includes a catalogue of more than 100 games for the whole family. This new service provides gaming without a console and integrates practical functions (multi-player and multi-screen, with several compatible game controllers), with the possibility of usage control, particularly when accessed by children.
With Livebox Play, the Orange TV "video games" service now provides more than 120 games. The set-top box comes with nine pre-installed games including two major licensed releases: Asphalt 6 Adrenaline and Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn.
So that you no longer miss any of your favourite TV shows, the Livebox Play set-top box is fitted with a recorder with a storage capacity of 80 Gb and up to 240Gb on request(2).
From April customers will be able to equip the set-top box with a Panasonic -assembled 3D Blu Ray player. This option will cost €99.
Finally, enhanced functionalities ensure the experience is available to all, with a zoom for visually impaired customers, audio description or personalisation for more contrast and colours.

with the Livebox Play offer available at €39.90/month, Orange is providing an even more impressive package for the same price

  • From €39.90/month, this new package still guarantees unlimited calls to land and mobile lines in more than 100 locations3. But it now enables customers to choose a personalised option(4), according to their uses and wishes:
    Film fans will choose the Pass Livebox Play option, to watch unlimited films, series and cartoons available on demand for the whole family. Music lovers will prefer the Orange Deezer premium + option, which provides access to more than 200 million tracks to listen to anytime, anywhere.
    To enjoy mobile internet access, you can choose the Let's Go 100Mb option. 100 Mb/month to stay connected with a laptop, a tablet, inside and out.
  • The Cloud(4) is included: the Orange Cloud is a private space for storing photos, videos, music or documents. This makes it easy to find, synchronise and share content on all screens, wherever you are. This service is also included in this package with 50Gb of storage space.
  • The Livebox Play Fibre optic package remains at the same price as the ADSL packages: €39.90/month.
    An extra option can be chosen, with the Premium Games Pass (more than a hundred games to entertain the whole family) (4) and the Cloud increased to 100Gb in February 2013(4).
    The Livebox Play (ADSL or Fibre Optic) package is available to all new customers but also to all current customers with, if applicable, possible costs for exchanging equipment depending on the customer's current package.
  • Flexible packages to suit all budgets
    All the new Orange HD and THD internet packages, launched on 7th February 2013, have no minimum applicable term. Orange will also offer all new Livebox Play or Livebox Zen customers, a personalised evaluation every year.
    The Livebox Zen package will still be available to customers who wish to enjoy essential online services at an affordable price, from €33.90/month.
    It's all happening on TV with Orange's new Livebox Play
    More information on, from 7th February 2013

Requires Livebox hardware rented for €3 per month. Packages subject to conditions valid in Metropolitan France from 7th February to
3rd April, subject to technical eligibility and a deposit of €49 for the set-top box. The Livebox Play set-top box is not available for customers who receive TV via satellite. IP speed up to 20 Mb for Livebox ADSL packages. Dedicated internet download speed from 512 Kb/s up to 20 Mb/s and up to 800 Kb/s upload speed with a compatible Livebox. Livebox Fibre Optic Packages, in eligible areas and available subject to effective connection of the building and the customer's residence. For the Livebox Zen Fibre optic package, IP download speed of up to 100 Mb/s and upload speed of up to 50 Mb/s. For the Livebox Play Fibre Optic package, IP download speed of up to 200 Mb/s and upload speed of up to 50 Mb/s. For individual residences, Fibre Optic network access costs of €99.
(1) With a theoretical bandwidth of 200 Mb/s Livebox Play Fibre Optic package and with a theoretical bandwidth of 20 Mb/s with the Livebox ADSL package. Downloading impedes artistic creation.
(2) Up to 40h of programs in standard format or 12h in High Definition. Supplement of €10 per 80Gb tier, limited to 2 tiers. For the Livebox Play Fibre optic package, possibility to increase the recording capacity to 240Gb free of charge upon request, subject to use of compatible hardware.
(3) Not including special numbers , up to 250 different correspondents/month. For unlimited mobile calls, excluding possible restrictions implemented by the receiver's mobile operator. List of destinations on
(4) For more information (personalised options, Cloud use…) see terms and conditions on the website.

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