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Orange Travel represents our commitment to ensure our services are clear, simple to understand and offer good value to our customers. We have achieved this by creating our Customer Experience Charter.

The Charter aims to strengthen awareness and perception of our travel offers when our customers are using their phones abroad by focusing on three main areas:


clear costs and no catches

Our charging will always be clear with no
catches or sneaky small print. And we’ll make
it easy for you to get all the information you
want at every stage of your trip.


support at every step

We’ll give you the right advice at the right time
about the right packages. Experts will be on
hand to help you before, during and after
your trip.


a reliable signal wherever you go

We’re going to give you coverage in every country in the world through our own networks or our partners. We’re not everywhere yet, but we won’t stop until we are.

top tips before you travel

* Charges apply when downloading apps and sending and receiving data files while abroad. These charges are generally larger than those applied when downloading apps and sending and receiving data files, in your home country.
* Only available in the following European countries: France and Spain.

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published on March 5, 2015
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