Digital technology for culture

Online museums, digital design, e-books, etc. Technology provides multiple possibilities for understanding culture, both for those that experience it and for those that create it. Orange is using its know-how to make exploring culture a simpler, more enriching, and more interactive experience and is experimenting with new forms of design, and this epitomizes the research work the Group is undertaking.

With technology, it’s possible for everyone to access culture

Culture is a key factor in human, economic and social development, and digital technology offers us ways to explore, understand, and share. As a key player in digital technology, Orange is able to help cultural institutions to harness the benefits of technology to facilitate access to culture and knowledge for everyone.

We operate on a broad front, but our goal is always the same: to innovate with our tools, and to carry further our promise to democratize culture, which is one of the key promises of the digital revolution.

Christine Albanel, Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Partnerships, and Philanthropy

In concrete terms, we are engaging with :

  • museums, heritage institutions and publishing distributors, helping them to make the most of their content and make it more accessible, primarily by using new digital resources, virtual sharing platforms, etc.
  • the general public, to enhance their experience and to offer them new ways of exploring and interacting, even remotely,
  • artists, to promote technology as a means of expression, and to provide support to those whose art contributes to the development of digital culture.

Inventing the digital culture of the future