Our responsible commitment

At Orange, we believe that digital innovation is a powerful tool for economic and social development. To enable people to progress, it must be available to everyone. For us, the main issue isn’t about technology; it’s about putting people at the heart of it.

The Group’s CSR approach is a vehicle for positive change across all of our operating countries.

Generating value to benefit as many people as possible

In August 2015, 193 countries agreed to adopt the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the UN to help transform the world.  This new international blueprint was agreed and ratified by governments, NGOs and businesses. A series of initiatives were launched to implement these 17 ambitious objectives, which include eradicating poverty, fighting hunger, reducing inequalities and preserving the planet. 

Companies in the IT and telecoms sector play an important role in a country’s socio-economic development. The increasing role of digital technology in business transformation is a powerful accelerator for achieving sustainable development goals. Developing everyone’s potential, building a smarter, more responsible and more open society, contributing to a more connected and balanced word: these are just some of the benefits we want to offer with our innovations and activities.


 Orange has put in plac a value sharing model that fairly distributes the wealth created among all the stakeholders.


Generating value


The three drivers behind our CSR approach

  • Create trust in the digital world
    Digital technology is changing the world. That’s why we are working at every level in the company to be seen by our stakeholders, external and internal, as the trusted partner in a positive, simple and safe digital world.
  • Contribute to economic and social development
    At the centre of a vast industrial and economic ecosystem, with privileged access to 255 million customers and a strong market position in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Orange is helping to make digital technology a catalyst for socio-economic development.
  • Promote energy and ecological transition
    In transforming the traditional industrial world, digital technology represents part of the solution for reducing its environmental impacts. Orange is at the forefront of those seeking to reduce their environmental footprint, while giving others the means to do the same.  


In 2016, Orange published its first Integrated Annual Report, combining financial and non-financial performance into a single publication. This is a highly symbolic decision, which demonstrates our belief that the performance of our company must not be solely focused on our financial results but also on our societal commitment. These issues come as a pair.

Our integrated annual report