Contributing to economical and social development

At the centre of a vast industrial and economic ecosystem, with privileged access to 263 million customers, and working from a strong territorial position in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, Orange is making digital technology a catalyst for progress for everyone.

Digital technologies are changing the world and contributing to societal development. They are so important that they can be considered a fundamental right. Experience shows how much digital technology, particularly in Africa, can speed up socio-economic and cultural development in a country. However at a global and local level, there are numerous sources of digital divides.

Providing access to the largest number of people, deploying essential digital services adapted to each person’s needs, supporting ecosystems for entrepreneurship and social innovation: these are our three drivers for action on local and social development.



  1. Digital access for all
  2. Essential digital services tailored to meet the needs of all
  3. Supporting social innovation and entrepreneurship