Essential digital services tailored to meet the needs of all

Information technology and communications are a major lever for economic and social development, particularly in emerging countries. They help to develop the accessibility and competitiveness of businesses; they stimulate labour markets by fostering the emergence of new business segments; they improve productivity and expand the target markets of small, medium and large enterprises; and they contribute to sustainable regional development, etc. At Orange, we believe that technology should serve the people. This is why we are developing innovative solutions to meet local needs and contribute to the creation of digital ecosystems to drive social progress and economic development.


Roadmap 2016-2020


The Group is convinced that digital technology should serve the people. It has a wide-ranging approach to the subject: Orange not only seeks to create digital solutions appropriate to local needs, but also, and above all, to help stimulate economic and social life and create viable, sustainable ecosystems.


Orange for Development – the foremost Group goal

Launched in 2011, the Orange for Development programme (aka Orange 4 Development, O4D) specifically addresses these aims by positioning the Group as a key player in the social and economic progress in the regions where it operates. Developing infrastructure and connectivity, providing services tailored to needs, and supporting innovation in local ecosystems are the programme’s three pillars. Its actions reflect the direction that emerged through dialogue with stakeholders.

  1. O4D : Orange key player in the social and economic progress in Africa


A service to match each need

ICT can provide solutions in all areas, provided that users have access to products and services tailored to their situation. As part of its overall approach to development, Orange is designing products and services that represent the best enabler for progress in each area. We have identified several areas of engagement: agriculture, healthcare, education, financial services, and women.

Since the 2011 launch in Niger of its Labaroun Kassoua mobile information service on market prices, Orange has steadily expanded the functional and geographic scope of its "m-Agri" solutions. By the end of 2015 the Group had 11 m-Agri services in six countries: Niger, Mali, Madagascar, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Egypt. These services have three aims: improve farmers' revenue, increase agricultural productivity, and strengthen the overall chain of value.

  1. Orange services for agriculture in Africa

Orange Money, the mobile banking solution, shares the same logic of matching a need with the service offered. This service has become a genuine social phenomenon, contributing directly to stimulating local economies: Orange Money has enabled more than 16 million people to access banking services via their mobiles, freeing them from the constraints of traditional bank networks with limited presence.

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  1. Orange Health Care
  2. True-Kare: digital to the rescue of health
  3. Medical information by phone … or by SMS in Africa

Another area of commitment for Orange: women are currently less well equipped than men with mobile phones in sub-Saharan Africa.

Through its m-Women project, which is already deployed in several African countries, Orange is meeting several ambitions:

  • increase access to digital technology for the largest possible number of women, who are currently less connected than men,
  • deploy essential services for their specific needs, for their pregnancies, the health of their children, to avoid unnecessary travel, and above all provide them with more security with Orange Money,
  • and support social innovation and female entrepreneurship, in the knowledge that women reinvest 90% of their income into their community.

All these areas of engagement are supported by the Orange Foundation, which aims to continually increase its socially useful activities in three areas: healthcare focusing on autism spectrum disorders, culture, focusing on vocal music and education, focusing on employability.