The digital world, caring for human rights

Respect for human rights applies to all levels of the company, from employees to suppliers and subcontractors. However, telecommunications and internet companies are faced with new challenges, including those of freedom of expression and personal data privacy.

Orange has built its business model around the values ​​of respect and humanism. We strive to promote these values ​​with respect to our employees and all of our stakeholders, through our participation in international initiatives in favour of human rights.

Our actions focus more specifically on these three areas:

  • staff relations
  • relations with suppliers and subcontractors
  • contributing to freedom of expression and protecting privacy        


The first two areas are addressed in the relevant sections. The last is a topic specific to telecoms and is directly addressed here.

Freedom of expression and privacy, natural challenges for the operator

The rise of digital technologies has generated an increase in the number of exchanges: billions of emails, messages and multimedia content are exchanged daily on the internet. Such exchanges may have criminal or political significance and public authorities want to be aware of them and control them, whether or not they are justified in doing so. This represents potentially dangerous attacks on freedom of expression and respect of data privacy.
As a telecommunications operator, Orange seeks to ensure that human rights are respected under all circumstances in the context of the use of ICT. This is the purpose and challenge of our involvement in the "Telecom Industry Dialogue" (TID) sectoral dialogue group, of which we are a founding member. In this context, Orange has contributed to the definition of the 10 guiding principles on freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector. These constitute an important outline for the development and implementation within the Group of policies and processes relating to freedom of expression and respect for privacy in the ICT sector. Every year, Orange provides a report on the actions put in place to support these 10 guidelines.

Transparency on government requests for customer data

Like any operator, Orange has a relationship with the state departments in charge of security. These relationships are formed in strict compliance with the laws of each country, under the responsibility of the State and, most often, under legal monitoring. In order to ensure the greatest transparency permitted by law in dealing with these requests, Orange is committed to regularly publishing information on the number of government requests for customer data, to the extent allowed by local laws.


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