The keys to understanding

The rapid expansion of digital technologies is a game-changer: for access to information and knowledge, and for methods of production and exchange. A new world is emerging, balanced between tensions caused by change and the promise of progress.

Orange is at the centre of this revolution, simultaneously a player, a facilitator, and an observer of these new behaviours. It's a role, and responsibility, that we take on in the wish to guide these changes in a positive direction, applying our expertise, our values and the commitment of our employees.

The Digital Society Forum, a tool for open and collaborative dialogue

Digital technology is changing the way we live, communicate and think. We coordinate the Digital Society Forum to ensure these changes are always synonymous with progress, giving everyone the means to better understand the changes that digital technology entails, and to make it a contributor to positive transformation. An open platform for collaboration, the Forum brings together sociologists, academics and civil society actors around the major themes of daily life. This peer vision is then shared at public participatory workshops, in French regions and abroad, to propose potential actions to all and for all.

9 topics have been addressed since the outset:

  • the new 2.0 relationships
  • the connected family
  • learning in the digital age
  • the connected migrant
  • work in the digital age
  • collaborative consumption
  • privacy and personal data (2015)
  • attention and information overload (2015)
  • digital technology and employment (2015)


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