Trust in the digital world

Digital technology is changing the world and we, Orange, want everyone to experience this change with confidence. Trust cannot be asserted, it must be earned. Which is why we are working at every level in the company to be seen by all of our stakeholders, external and internal, as the partner for trust and peace of mind in a positive, simple and safe digital world. For everyone.

First, there are our customers, to whom we wish to give a matchless experience. Through the quality, of course, of our offers, products and services; but also by offering to support and guide them in their enjoyment of a digital world of proliferating innovation. For instance by helping them protect their personal data, just as we ourselves watch over its security. Individuals, families, professionals or companies, we connect them to what they need, simply and with complete peace of mind.

To meet this commitment, we must be a responsible employer. So that we can count on colleagues who are fulfilled within their company and profession, and are proud to progress within a Group for which social quality and economic performance are inextricably linked.

We take concerns like radio-wave exposure very seriously, responding clearly and implementing the necessary precautionary measures.

Finally, at the other end of this chain of trust, we make sure as an industry actor that we manage our purchasing process responsibly.



  1. Orange, a digital and caring employer
  2. Providing an unrivalled customer experience
  3. Protecting personal data
  4. Helping families use digital technologies safely, creatively and responsibly
  5. Answering questions about radio waves
  6. Promoting our responsible purchasing policy