Safe digital usages, appropriate for vulnerable publics

Younger generations have embraced internet and social networks, considering these tools from the point of view of the communication and entertainment opportunities that they offer. Parents tend to take into account the potential risks and dangers associated with this ever-growing exhibition of digital content, unable to monitor its character or origins.

Roadmap 2016-2020


For operators that allow for the circulation of such content, the challenge lies in offering parents adapted protection tools, and children, a way to benefit from “better internet”.

Hand in hand with an offer that includes adapted protection tools, awareness, training and guidance for parents and children are of utmost importance in a strategy to promote and develop responsible digital usages. Eight out of ten children go online at home every day, preferably in their room; 45% connect via their smartphone and 30% using a tablet . Parents are thus unable to continually oversee how their children are using digital tools.

Orange has made the guidance of children and teenagers on the internet its priority, and at the same time offers guidance for parents, as awareness and promotion of a safer internet should involve the whole family as well as educators. This is why Orange relays the recommendations of institutions, associations and recognised experts in the arena of safe and responsible use, through dedicated encounters and media. The Group also works within global groups such as the CEO Coalition to develop reporting and protection tools adapted to user profiles, and strengthen measures for the suppression of pedo-pornographic content.
We are furthermore striving to give parents the means necessary to guide their children’s digital practices, with parental control software, filters and secret codes to limit access to ill-adapted content, etc.
Orange is offering practical educational workshops for parents to help their children take full advantage of digital technologies, without excess or danger: participate in our stores!


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