Trust, a prerequisite for optimal digital experience and use

Today, our customers are better informed, but also, increasingly demanding. They expect high-performing services as well as personalised support from us. By meeting all of their expectations, as a whole, we are able to stand out as a trusted operator.

Trust, a prerequisite for optimal digital experience and use


Roadmap 2016-2020


Our renewed approach to customer experience has been formalised in the "Orange commits" initiative, now involving more than 24 countries.

We have identified six priority expectations, for which we commit to supporting our customers and providing them with a matchless experience:

  • connection: deliver the best connectivity to every customer, wherever they are;
  • simplicity: simplify everything to promote practicality and enjoyment;
  • recognition: recognise every customer, at every contact with Orange, by human and digital channels, knowing their customer history;
  • availability: be immediately accessible and available to listen to each customer's requests and give a precise response time;
  • adaptability: serve the customer's interests with the right offer, right solution and right service for each point in their lives, with the freedom to choose, test and change their minds;
  • anticipation: anticipate expectations, needs, issues and future changes for every customer.

These various objectives are set out in the customer sections of "Essentials 2020", our new plan that particularly aims to enhance connectivity and reinvent customer relations.


Our aim: to be number 1 by NPS for 75% of customers by 2018

Net Promoter Score is the satisfaction measurement tool that best reflects the perception of a brand and loyalty of its customers. It is based on asking the customer whether they would recommend the service or company in question to their friends and family. Scores are calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters, by country and relevant market segment, weighting each segment according to numbers of customers.

We will achieve our target

  • by providing a matchless customer experience, thanks to the quality of our networks and services, and our customer relations.
  • by personalising interactions with customers and recognising them at every point of contact.
  • by re-thinking our in-store experience, with 20% of outlets in Europe adopting the Smart Store concept.
  • by measuring our NPS with regular customer surveys: the Customer Experience Tracker.


Orange, « Digital Coach »

Digitisation of the customer experience, a priority identified by Orange, follows directly from customer expectations and their uses of digital tools. Which is why we wish to guide them and give them the keys to this digital world, so they can avoid the traps and make the most of the opportunities.

So we are providing more tools and services, like "Orange et moi" (My Orange) for mobile, or "bien vivre le digital" (enjoying digital life) in France and Tranquilidad Orange in Spain for the internet. These digital projects, conceived and implemented to personalise and enrich customers' experiences, work in parallel with efforts "on the ground" through "physical" channels. The 2015 launch of the new Smart Store concept is the result of the Group's wish to establish a fluid physical/digital customer journey and re-inject pleasure into the customer relationship. These new stores have been designed to provide true continuity between physical and digital experiences: arranged in line with customers' spheres of use (home, work, well-being, etc.) they present the best digital technologies, while also providing the resources and knowledge of advisers who are expert in listening to the customer.

Putting forth an experience based on simplicity

While simplification is the route to peace of mind and accessibility for customers, it is also synonymous with internal efficiency for Orange. By improving understanding of its offers and ease of use of its products by its customers, Orange can ensure better management of the stages making up each customer journey and provide quality to meet their expectations.

Since 2010, Orange has been implementing a simplification programme for its portfolio of offers, to make them more easily accessible and understandable for customers. We are constantly focused on keeping our products and services relevant and simple to use, thanks to tests carried out under real usage conditions in our 23 customer test centres around the world. Tests are carried out at the various design stages of our products and services, as well as after they are launched!

At the same time the Group is taking care to make more and more room for "do it yourself" and the independence customers have called for, enabling them, smoothly and with support, to carry out the everyday management of their digital lives. It was with this in mind that the "My Orange" application interfaces were optimised for the billing section in Spain, Romania, France and Egypt; and that in France the customer has been given the option to simply go online to manage the transfer of their landline when moving house. The effectiveness of these various initiatives can be seen in the significant reduction in the number of customer calls to our European call centres.

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Innovation in customer service

To offer our customers increasingly innovative products and services, we have an approach geared towards open-innovation. We have opened our API (Application Programming Interface) to developers via our Orange Partner programme to stimulate the creation of new services, for example. We also support innovative start-ups through our Orange Fab accelerator, or our participation in the European "Hello Tomorrow Challenge" competition.

We rely on a dedicated organisation through the Orange Labs and Technocentre networks: more than 5,000 researchers, engineers, technicians and marketers spread throughout 12 countries and 4 continents, using their creativity and talents on a daily basis to make a tangible difference in the lives of our customers.

The Group's aim is to recognise 100% of its customers at each and every one of its contact points in 2018.

Another programme, Digital Assisted, involves reinforcing support for customers using digital tools to contact Orange, whether through social networks and support communities, or by developing chat tools.