Between companies and suppliers, a joint commitment

Sustainable cooperation between a company and its suppliers is a veritable performance lever for all. And confidence is at the heart of this relationship – based especially on suppliers’ and subcontractors’ respect for the principles and rights upheld by the purchaser, who should guide them in defining and implementing better responsible practices.


Roadmap 2016-2020


For Orange, acting as a responsible purchaser means ensuring that our partners, especially SMEs, develop under the very best conditions. The substantial influence that our Group can have on the development of local economic fabric is at the centre of our Sourcing policy.

To establish and monitor this relationship of trust between Orange and its supply chain, a policy of responsible sourcing has been implemented for a number of years. This applies to all purchases and logistical services, whether they are made by headquarters on a Group level, by subsidiaries or by Buyln, the co-company created with Deutsche Telekom in 2011 in order to pool the purchases of the two groups in certain areas (terminals, mobile communication networks, and a major portion of fixed network equipment and service platforms).

This policy is formalised via two approaches:

  • acting as a responsible purchaser, mobilising the whole of the Group’s Sourcing and Logistical services, as well as internal players (purchasing advisors, technical service, etc.). This goes hand in hand with contributing to the development of the local economic fabric, committing to SMEs in general, or to the “adapted and protected sector” in particular. 
  • promoting CSR standards for suppliers and subcontractors, thus including them in its CSR momentum, via the inclusion of CSR criteria in the selection and referencing processes as well as the monitoring of their operational practices, with the goal of on-going improvement. This commitment to promoting shared CSR standards has also driven an approach for sectorial cooperation with other telecom operators in the framework of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) since 2010.


Closely evaluated and monitored supplier practices

The Group places particular importance on ensuring commitment to CSR and its maturity among its suppliers and subcontractors, and is intent on verifying respect for contractual CSR demands (Supplier Code of Conduct, contractual clauses, implementation of corrective actions, etc.) on the field.

Suppliers are regularly evaluated on CSR issues. These evaluations may be undertaken by the Group, with the help of specialised partners such as the company Ecovadis, or in the framework of collaborative sector-specific organisations (JAC).


Focus on JAC

Co-founded in 2010 by Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Telecom Italia, the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) is an association of telecommunications operators (10 so far) who have joined forces to monitor, evaluate and develop the implementation of CSR principles for ICT sector suppliers worldwide.

It deploys a coordinated audit programme on sites in the CSR field based on the verification, evaluation and development of a shared methodology. The audits allow for the evaluation of the state of supplier compliance with social and environmental standards (SA8000, ISO 14001, etc.) and the establishment of corrective plans of action, if necessary.

In addition, JAC members have developed guiding principles that have been subject to numerous exchanges with concerned stakeholders. These are intended to facilitate awareness among suppliers of shared CSR expectations and establish a helpful tool for their implementation.

Every member is responsible for undertaking a complete audit of the suppliers in its portfolio, on behalf of other members and at its own cost.

Since its creation, JAC has conducted 148 audits, significantly contributing to the development of CSR practices within the international ICT supply chain.

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