21st century communication: security, a prerequisite for safe and serene uses

The rise of ICT and associated uses has diversified and complicated the question of their security. This is now asked through a number of forms, and strongly influences the trust that users develop in digital tools. Exponential volumes of data travel through operator networks every day, and users harbour ever-growing and legitimate questions about the integrity and confidentiality of the digital information that they share.


Roadmap 2016-2020


Spams, virus, phishing, etc.: the types of risks linked to ICT have diversified and been accentuated as these technologies have spread. Ad hoc, rigorous policy alone can guarantee the security of communications and the preservation of the private life of users.
The group’s response on this subject is based on extensive analysis of risks and their anticipation, thanks to a proactive approach. Its overall security policy, which complies with the ISO 27001 standard on management systems for information security, goes hand in hand with the implementation of regular internal security audits undertaken by a dedicated department.

Risk control applies throughout the life cycle of offers

  • Starting with their design: Orange’s products and services are subject to a risk evaluation based on the High Level Risk Assessment (HLRA) method when they are being finalised.
  • During operation: a complete array of security solutions is made available to individual and professional customers to protect their terminals and prevent attacks.


Every day, we manage the exchanges and data of 244 million customers around the world. Our commitments to promoting the protection and confidentiality of their private data are transparent and formalised within our Orange charter on the protection of personal data, unveiled in November 2013.


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