E-cleaning days: let’s send a message to the planet by deleting our excess e-mails

Green hacks to adopt

Trier ses e-mails  dès réception

Sort your e-mails as soon as your receive them

Get into the habit of sorting your e-mails as soon as you receive them. You will identify the excess e-mails to delete more easily.

Supprimer les emails  les plus lourds

Delete the biggest e-mails

By sorting e-mails by size, you will easily identify the ones taking up most space. This enables you to delete your biggest emails in the blink of an eye.

Se débarrasser  des spams

Clear out your spam folder

Spam is the main cause of an overloaded mailbox. To remove it permanently, unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletters that you receive.

Vider les éléments supprimés

Empty your trash folder

When you delete e-mails, they are then stored in a trash folder. Remember to empty it on a regular basis.

Discover other digital green hacks at bienvivreledigital.orange.fr (in French)

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E-mails et économies d'énergie


The number of energy-efficient light bulbs we could shut off for one hour if all French citizens deleted 50 old emails”.


Lighting the Eiffel Tower consumes 580,000 kWh annually, which translates into an average of 1,589 kWh every day. If each Orange employee deleted 50 unimportant emails, we could turn the Eiffel Tower’s lighting off one day a month for an entire year.

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