4G in France

In France, Orange is reaffirming its position as the number 1 4G network.

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  • The last 9 of September, Orange announced 4G coverage over the entire city of Paris.
  • At end September, 70 “agglomerations” (cities and surrounding urban centres) will be open, including over 500 towns.
  • Orange is speeding up the roll-out of its 4G network with 40% of the French population to be covered by year end instead of 30 % as previously planned.
  • Orange is currently the only operator to offer maximum theoretical speeds of 150 Mb/s.
  • Orange is encouraging the move to 4G by offering content through the Origami and Open packages as well as a wide range of 4G devices.

Orange, number 1 4G network in terms of coverage

Orange is now offering 4G coverage for all of Paris and 37 other towns in the Paris area. By end September, Orange 4G will cover 70 “agglomerations” including over 500 towns in mainland France.
With the www.quialameilleure4g.com (“who has the best 4G ?” in French) site, you can check if your address has Orange 4G coverage. The site also provides a list of 4G towns (nearly 4.8 million visits since launch).

Orange is speeding up the roll-out of its 4G network

250,000 customers are already using Orange 4G. 4G brings them a new type of experience and increases usage by 50 %. A survey of our 4G customers found that 9 out of 10 would recommend it to their friends.
55 % of French people see Orange as the operator best placed to provide 4G service. (Source: TNS Survey carried out for Orange in August 2013 with 1007 respondents).
Orange is speeding up the roll-out of its 4G network in order to meet the expectations of its customers and will cover 40 % of the population by end 2013. This roll-out complements the Orange H+ network, which already covers 70 % of the French population.

Orange, number 1 network in terms of speed

With a 4G frequency band ranging from 20 MHz to 2.6 GHz, Orange is the only operator currently able to offer maximum theoretical speeds of 150 Mb/s.
By end September, Orange will be offering several devices compatible with these speeds. When they choose Orange 4G, customers can enjoy the maximum speeds offered by their smart phone.

a latest generation range of 4G/H+ compatible devices

By year end, half of the smart phones sold by Orange will be 4G enabled. Customers will also be able to make the most of the full potential of 4G with easier browsing.