A few grams of metal for a ton of challenges...

One little known consequence of technological progress and global economic development is the increased competition for the raw materials we need to manufacture the electronic components used in all industries - telecoms included.

a few grams of metal for a ton of challenges...

For geo-political, environmental, financial and technical reasons, the risks related to disrupted supplies of certain strategic resources are multiplying and will continue to increase over the coming years and decades. Orange and other manufacturers as well as public authorities have decided to tackle this problem head on.

The aim? To identify all potential risks, assess the Group's level of exposure, implement long-term measures and evaluate the potential of recycling. Furthermore, the use of recycled resources in Europe (through further developing the recycling industry) will encourage equipment manufacturers to relocate, thus creating jobs in Europe.

An infografic to discover the main key points.

vignette infographie terres rares En