For open innovation with a big societal impact

The world is changing and the changes are radical. Today, it is no longer an issue of being able or unable to adapt; rather, new systems must be designed. Operating methods based on dynamic balances, that are open and in tune with society.

As an operator in the internet era, Orange is at the heart of this challenge of change. Wherever we operate, we aim to advance local economies, encouraging the emergence of new models that create shared value. To this end, our policy of open innovation can only help to boost social entrepreneurship.

for open innovation with a big societal impact

Today, anyone who invents in the privacy of their own lab can expect to retain ownership of their discovery... the only thing is, upon exiting their lab, they will see that all their competitors got there first, with more inventive, richer, collective ideas...
In a hyper-connected world, it has become essential to open up and collaborate with talented people from all backgrounds in order to be more inventive, more effective and as a result, more competitive. Orange undertakes such open innovation daily with leaders in the digital world, other operators, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and young people.
Thus Orange is gradually building a powerful, open ecosystem in France, Europe, the United States and Africa. In emerging countries, this ambition is combined with a genuine desire to contribute to the economic and social development of these territories, something that is self-evident for an ICT leader, a major employer and a growth booster. Orange wants its technologies, resources and skills to be at the service of development for everyone: individuals, territories and communities. Thanks to the wealth of interactions between partners from different backgrounds, the capacity for innovation can grow, benefiting as many people as possible. Open Innovation with a big societal impact...

Orange and La Ruche working together to develop social entrepreneurship in France