Awareness-raising programmes for parents

Orange has various initiatives to help families take control of their households’ digital lives, keep their kids safe and safeguard their peace of mind. These programmes encourage our young ones to adopt responsible habits, with a focus on an active, open dialogue between parents and kids.

Websites and training programmes for parents

On websites dedicated to children’s safe and responsible use of digital tools, Orange offers parents video tutorials, articles, guides and online training sessions.

This content provides answers to parents’ main concerns: excessive screentime, unauthorised purchases, cyberbullying, violations of privacy, etc. It helps them function as parents in a digital environment they don’t always understand.

Take a look at what we do for families in Spain, France, Poland, Romania and Slovakia...

In France, we also have a series of training sessions called “le cours des parents” (the parents’ course) offered in the Orange megastores. Since 2012, thousands of parents and grandparents have taken courses in some 40 cities. Topics include the use of parental controls on PCs, mobiles and TVs, video gaming, social networks and many tips. 

The network of Orange ambassadors

To raise the awareness of parents, educators and children and to relay the messages of specialised organisations and experts, we rely on a network of volunteering employees. In France, Spain and Poland, these colleagues – IT engineers, technicians, customer advisors, personal assistants, etc. – organise and lead workshops on digital safety, as part of the Orange Digital Solidarity programme.

The Digital Society Forum

Orange created this forum in April 2013, in partnership with Psychologie Magazine and the Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (FING). The Digital Society Forum is a meeting place where sociologists, psychologists, researchers and stakeholders in the digital economy debate the social transformations brought on by digital technology, sharing and confronting their visions with those of the public during collaborative workshops. One of the topics discussed is the connected family.

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The #SuperCoders initiative for kids

In France, Spain and Romania, Orange invites girls and boys from the ages of 10 to 13 to take part in #SuperCoders events. These workshops introduce the kids to the notion of writing code, in partnership with local universities and NGOs, under the patronage of the European Commission and its EU Code Week.

The #SuperCoders initiative illustrates Orange’s wish to introduce children to digital technology and encourage them to take part in its development.

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