Dedicated services and tools for protection

In our six European countries, 22 million 8 to 17-year olds use mobile services. Their numbers increase by 2.6 million every year. These young users have specific needs. To meet them, Orange develops adapted services, in a process that involves every line of work in the company.

Services for kids and the family

We market special offerings for families across Europe:

  • in Romania, Orange designed packages for 6 to 14-year olds and for 18 to 25-year-olds, at various prices – depending on the services subscribed to – and with access to fun content.
  • Orange Luxembourg also offers two different contracts depending on the age of the subscriber: before and after 16.
  • in France, the Open multi-line offering puts the whole family on a single bill, with a unified customer care and up to four call plans at attractive prices. 5 million households have adopted it.
  • the M6 Mobile service offers teenagers a range of affordable all-in-one packages, capped or not, with a selection of mobiles starting at €1.


New parental controls

Responding to the sustained growth in demand for internet and mobile service, Orange has developed parental controls for all screens, including smartphones and tablets.


In France and Romania, parents can steer their kids towards reasonable use of the internet by configuring a parental controls application. They can control their kids’:

  • practices: access to applications, videos, social networks, questionable websites
  • connection time and “curfew”, browsing history
  • costs: restricted multimedia purchases and premium text messages, alerts when a child spends more than €30 on these purchases.


In Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, the Norton Family dashboard gives parents a simple overview of their kids’ online activities. Parents and kids can agree on rules adapted to the children’s age, encouraging a dialogue on online safety.