Orange, the digital coach

Serving 239 million customers in 30 countries, Orange is the focus of families’ expectations. We aim to be a responsible operator and to guide them in the digital world.
To open to children the gates to an exciting universe, Orange offers families the keys to a creative, safe and responsible internet.

Four principles inspire our Better Internet for Kids policy

  • Keep children in mind as potential users from the very start, when we design our products and services.
  • Develop new protection tools and digital services for younger users.
  • Raise parents’ awareness of good digital practices and explain how to use effective parental controls.
  • Relay the recommendations of experts, public bodies and NGOs we work with closely


Merci coach #17 surfer en toute sécurité


We don’t just raise awareness of the risks; we want to help as many people as possible take control of their families’ digital lives

We know that increasing the digital skills of our employees, our customers and their kids will deliver positive online experiences. For the internet to be a place of invention and peace of mind, users need to master the technology.

To define and fine-tune our policy, we work closely with the national, European and international organisations that are helping to build a safer, more transparent and more enriching internet for kids:

  • Insafe, a European network that carries out campaigns to raise awareness of safe and responsible online habits.
  • Inhope, another European network that focuses on reporting illegal content.
  • The ICT Coalition, an association of ICT stakeholders that helps younger users make the most of the internet and avoid risks.
  • The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), an international NGO that aims to make the internet safer for kids and families.
  • The Alliance Mobile, an ICT industry union against child sexual abuse (content/images).
  • Internet Watch Fondation (IWF) an NGO that also fights child sexual abuse (content/images).