The irresistible rise of connected objects

They can help you find your keys ... and even save your life! Destined to become widespread in everyday life, connected objects will not only impact life for users, but will also present new challenges for operators.

The Machine-to-Machine Age

Web users are no longer the only ones consuming Internet bandwidth. Now they are having to share that valuable stream with objects that nowadays are increasingly intelligent and able to communicate.

Connection goes skin deep!

Whether visible or invisible, technology is reaching into everyday objects, settling onto users, taking over smartphones, and could even slip beneath our skin. Connected objects are becoming everyday companions.   

Data: the backbone of connected objects

Lurking behind these objects is a further challenge – that of data. The volume of information produced means rethinking collection, storage and security methods for the Big Data involved.

Home-niscient: home automation utopia here at last

The home is a promising arena for installing connected objects. A long-discussed dream, home automation has since emerged readily and is really taking shape through connected objects.

As far as imagination can reach!

It is estimated that by 2020, ownership of connected objects will reach 15 items per person. Even though practically all the applications have yet to be invented!