Content serving the Group strategy

Today, all around us, with the digitalization of services, platforms have become increasingly powerful.

“The content ecosystem has naturally embraced this wave of “platformization” of the world, allowing Orange to attract both users and service providers.

David Kessler, EVP Orange Content

Serge Laroye Directeur Délégué

Serge Laroye, Deputy EVP

In developing its strategy as both a distributor and an aggregator across its footprint, the Orange Group has already reinforced this capacity.

On the one hand, more than 8.9 million households are now connected to Orange TV services via a STB, providing them with outstanding high quality video (UHD) and audio (Dolby Atmos), and soon a new innovative TV experience with Virtual Reality. This number of users will continue to increase both with the development of current TV customer bases and also with the launch of new TV offers such as those launched in 2016 and 2017 in Belgium and the Ivory Coast.

On the other hand, Orange attracts into its universe a large galaxy of content, both already popular (free and pay channels, TVoD, SVoD) and also emerging (web channels, eSport, streaming video gaming). Development has continued in 2017 with the renewal and extension of the multi-year agreement between OCS and HBO. Furthermore, the agreement signed between Orange Studio and UGC Images end 2016 was extended with the signature of a new agreement with OCS. Orange has also extended its partnership with Netflix to the entire Orange footprint.

Orange has supported film for many years. From “Valérian et la Cité des Mille Planètes” produced by Luc Besson, for which the Orange Group is partner, to film such as Huber Charuel’s “Petit Paysan” and also “Les Gardiennes” from Xavier Beauvois, Orange through its OCS and Orange Studio subsidiaries, proves that it is truly committed to supporting the diversity of French film.

Content is increasingly serving the Orange Group’s strategy; and this was confirmed on September 1st 2017 with the creation of Orange Content as the reference point for the Group’s content activities.”

Orange Content : greater ambitions for content

Orange is already a major and longstanding player in the field of content, and is now confirming and strengthening its ambition with the creation of Orange Content, a new entity reporting directly to Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The mission of Orange Content is to be the reference point for content for all of the Orange Group.

A simple vision is behind the creation of Orange Content: to bring together Orange’s content resources and strengths, by including the associated subsidiaries:

  • Orange Studio for production;
  • OCS for the distribution of series and films from all over the world;
  • Orange Prestations TV, Orange’s broadcasting platform;
  • and all the operational content teams.

Orange Content also brings together other content-related activities, (including games, music, culture, infotainment, Virtual Reality, start-ups …) as well as the French and International content acquisition activities for all services edited by Orange (OCS, VOD services ) and multi-territory negotiations for third party services.

This alliance enables Orange to affirm and reinforce its position on the market, giving increased coherence and visibility to content, as well as becoming an increasingly important international player.

Across Europe continues to deploy its strategy implemented over the past few years:

  • giving priority to the widest possible distribution of best in class content;
  • investing in film and series via OCS and Orange Studio.

The Group’s presence in Africa and the Middle East is also a major area for development with new needs for both local and international content. Orange Content is also actively participating in digitalization initiatives in the region.

Since the creation of Orange Content on September 1st 2017, the Orange Group is now in an even stronger position to address the content and entertainment needs of its customers in France and internationally.