Orange Studio

Orange Studio, the film subsidiary of the Orange Group

Orange Studio, the film subsidiary of the Orange Group, has been investing in the coproduction and acquisition of movies since 2007 (The Artist, Timbuktu, Le Petit Prince and more recently Cézanne et Moi, M & Mme Adelman, L’Embarras du Choix, L’Opéra).

Orange Studio, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017, has funded more than one hundred movies (on average 15 per year since its creation) and owns the rights to almost 1200 titles, inlcuding 600 audiovisual works from numerous catalogues. Currently, Orange Studio is developing an independent and diversified coproduction policy, in both film budget and repertoire. The subsidiary is the proud coproducer of several popular successes and international award-winning movies.

Orange Studio has recently made a deal with UGC for the theatrical distribution of five of its biggest movies under the Orange Studio Distribution label. All the other films will be distributed by independent distributors like Le Pacte, Paradis Films or La Belle Company but with studios like Pathé or Europacorp too. The subsidiary has developed a video publishing department which manages DVD and VOD releases and it will soon open an international sales division.

M & Mme Andelman : © 2016 - Les Films Du Kiosque - France 2 Cinéma - Orange Studio - Le Pacte - Chaocorp Cinéma – Umedia
Le Petit Prince : ©2015 - LPPTV - Little Princess - On Entertainment ‐ Orange Studio - M6 Films
La Danseuse : ©2016 Les Productions du Trésor – Wildbunch – Orange Studio – Les films du fleuve – Sirena Film – Voo et Be TV – RTBF
Timbuktu : ©2014 Les Films du Worso – Dune Vision – Arches Films – ARTE France Cinéma – Orange Studio
L’Embarras Du Choix : © 2016 Sombrero films - Atelier de production – Pathé Production – Orange Studio – TF1 Films Production – CN6 Productions – Delta Production