Orange film and series subsidiaries

Orange, film and series

Orange has played an important role in the support and development of film for many years. This commitment to film is illustrated by the partnerships with institutions and major cinematographic events such as the “Festival de Cannes”, the “Deauville Festival of American Cinema”, the “Festival et Institut Lumière” and also the “Festival de Comédie de l’Alpe d’Huez”.

Through its subsidiary Orange Studio, Orange affirms and pursues its commitment with the coproduction and purchase of both French and European films. Since 2007, Orange Studio has invested in the coproduction of around 10 films every year and also in film acquisition. Around one hundred films have been coproduced since its creation, some of which have received numerous awards. Orange Studio, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has built a high quality catalogue over the past years thanks to an ambitious production/coproduction strategy.

Distributed in France since 2008 and in Switzerland since 2017, OCS is a package of 4 thematic channels dedicated to film and series, and also a replay service. OCS offers a rich and original programme schedule including a selection of major films as well as exclusive premieres and original series.
In an effort to keep its OCS package promise of “100% cinema series”, Orange works with the best film and series production and distribution companies: HBO, Sony Pictures Television, UGC Images, Studio Canal, Wild Bunch, Warner, Gaumont, Turner, Pathé, Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, Fox, Starz, Eone et Orange Studio.
From the beginning OCS has supported French and European film production through agreements with the film industry confirming its status as a “premium” package whilst increasing the offer’s attractiveness. Likewise OCS signed in 2013 a 5 year agreement with all of the French professional film organisations amounting to a total investment of 179 million euros. This commitment is illustrated by the pre-purchase of original French films, “diversity” films, and support for theatrical releases by providing bonuses for pre-purchased films depending on a film’s success. OCS is proud of this partnership which is proof that each year Orange is contributing to the diversity and quality of French film.
Lastly, with the “OCS Signature” label, OCS closely works with French series creators producing original series with a 26 minute format.

Orange is present through all the different stages of films and series : from coproduction and acquisition with Orange Studio throught acquisition, distribution and broadcasting on all screens with Orange VOD services and OCS.

Orange Studio, the film subsidiary of the Orange Group

Orange Studio, the film subsidiary of the Orange Group, has been investing in the coproduction and acquisition of movies since 2007 (“The Artist”, “Timbuktu”, “Le Petit Prince” and more recently “Cézanne et Moi”, “M & Mme Adelman”, “L’Embarras du Choix”, “L’Opéra”).

Orange Studio, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017, has funded more than one hundred movies (on average 15 per year since its creation) and owns the rights to almost 1,200 titles, including 600 audiovisual works from numerous catalogues. Currently, Orange Studio is developing an independent and diversified coproduction policy, both in terms of budgets and genres. The subsidiary is the proud co-producer of several popular successes and international award-winning movies. Furthermore, Orange Studio continues its intense policy of film and audiovisual talent scouting in Africa.

At the end of 2016 Orange Studio signed a deal with UGC for the theatrical distribution of five of its biggest movies under the Orange Studio Distribution label. All the other films will be distributed by independent distributors including Le Pacte, Paradis Films or La Belle Company and by studios such as Pathé or and Europacorp. The subsidiary has also developed a video publishing department which manages DVD and VOD releases and is opening this year an international sales division.

OCS "100 % cinéma séries"

Launched in 2008, OCS offers 4 thematic channels and a replay service dedicated to film and series:


OCS offers 2 OTT services with direct distribution on one for enjoying OCS on smartphone, tablet and computer, and the other OTT service to enjoy OCS on TV with the Orange TV key, Chromecast, Xbox, Android TV, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV.

OCS is also available in France on Orange TV, CANAL, SFR box, Bouygues Telecom Bbox, Freebox, Molotov, Fransat, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4, Vialis, Vitis, Monaco Telecom, on and also in French overseas territories at my.T, Parabole, Vini and Zeop. OCS is now distributed in Switzerland by Swisscom.

New programming and innovative functionalities

  • Watch films shown on TV for the first time, 10 months after theatrical release: “Angry Birds”, “In the Deep, “Adopte un veuf”, “Ghostbusters: Answer the Call”, “ Passengers”, as well as documentaries and film and series news magazines.
  • Watch premieres of American series, 24 hours after the US broadcast such as “Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, “Westworld”, “Big Little Lies”, “The Leftovers”, “The Night Of”...

  • All the new HBO series exclusive to OCS and all the seasons of previously broadcast series available on demand.
  • Original and audacious French TV shows developed by OCS with the OCS Signature label: “Irresponsable”, “Les Grands”, “Missions”…
  • The OCS Go replay service enables subscribers to watch all the programs broadcast on the OCS channels for at least 30 days after their first broadcast on the OCS channels.