The expertise of our subsidiaries in the service of companies

Orange's subsidiaries support companies active in various sectors. Their technological expertise allows you to stay in line with your business expectations, while placing human beings at the heart of your projects.

Orange Business Services, your partner for digital transformation

Digitalization has created new needs within companies: collaborative working methods, optimized performance of information systems and 360° customer relations (email, mobile, social networks and chats). Our consultants and experts support the transformation of your technological and human processes by providing services such as organizational analysis, formalization of needs, functional specifications or performance measurement.

Orange Business Services provides communication services to companies of all sizes in France and internationally. Its network, the most extensive in the world, connects people, sites and machines to improve the digital experience of customers and employees.

Orange Business Services: What it is:

  • more than 160 countries and territories covered
  • 21,500 employees
  • 15 research and innovation laboratories
  • 227 million customers

Orange’s International Carriers activity is based on a major longdistance network infrastructure and offers a broad range of solutions on the international market. 

Orange Wholesale France: networks service third-party operators

Requirements in terms of network infrastructures and services are becoming increasingly important for operators, IT providers, cloud solution providers, hosting service providers and Internet service providers, as well as virtual and international mobile services providers. Orange Wholesale France enables you to benefit from the coverage, quality and reliability of the Orange networks by means of tailor-made offers.

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International Wholesale Solutions: an entire range of offerings for telecommunications providers

International Wholesale Solutions replicates the services provided by Orange Wholesale France internationally. International Wholesale Solutions is number one in its market and provides voice, Internet, mobile and security services for mobile operators, service providers and IP providers.

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Orange Marine, intercontinental connections for global connectivity

Building digital links between continents is a key challenge in offering users from all countries the connections they need. Orange Marine is the Group's subsidiary in the field of underwater telecommunications. It has installed more than 160,000 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cables in all of the world's oceans. Its teams can carry out repairs on intercontinental routes up to 5,500 meters deep. Orange Marine's cabling vessels, which account for 15% of the world's fleet, are among the most experienced.

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Orange Cyberdefense, security expertise

Threats to corporate networks are steadily increasing.
The question is no longer if you will be attacked, but when! To ensure the security of your systems and the protection of your data, Orange has created a dedicated entity that has become a benchmark for the sector: Orange Cyberdefense. Its benefits:

  • 1,200 experts in matters of security,
  • 10,000 security devices managed by Orange Cyberdefense,
  • 1 epidemiology laboratory,
  • 6 Security Operation Centers (SOC) around the world,
  • 1 Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in France with representatives in Montreal and Singapore,
  • 2 DDoS Scrubbing Centers in France and the United States.

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Orange Healthcare: healthcare in the digital age

The health sector is subject to regulations, specific requirements and societal developments, such as the aging of the population. Orange Healthcare puts its expertise at the service of healthcare professionals to help them make the transition to digital, while complying with the requirements of reliability, confidentiality and security of health data. Orange brings innovative answers to the needs and expectations of patients and healthcare professionals.

Viaccess-Orca, innovation at the service of content

Viaccess-Orca's mission: to help operators, publishers and aggregators in optimizing their content services to enrich the customer experience. This subsidiary has more than 90 customers, representing more than 27 million subscribers across 35 countries.

For this purpose, the 300 expert employees of Viaccess Orca ensure accessibility to content and its security, and provide innovative solutions: TVaaS, multi-screen/OTT, virtual reality or immersive video.

Globecast: international partner on the broadcast market

Globecast is responsible for the transmission and distribution of audiovisual content. Present in 24 countries, Globecast aggregates and reformats the content intended to feed the platforms of television content. With a network of 27 satellites, the subsidiary also covers major world events, including sports competitions, artistic events, political events, etc.

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