Agile networks to meet every need

Collaboration, mobility, data storage, etc.: your connectivity needs are evolving in both the professional and private spheres. In order to guarantee an increasing number of services for you, our teams are expanding the design of our networks to make them more agile and automatically adaptable. Virtualization and the Cloud allow real-time server adjustment.

Virtualization, more flexibility for enterprise networks

Businesses need more services, autonomy and control. Extending their network to a new site, increasing bandwidth in peak times to avoid service saturation, etc. At Orange, with On-Demand Networks (OND), we manage network infrastructures based on real needs. The replacement of physical equipment by software enables the automation of network functions, which are configured and monitored centrally and remotely.

We have implemented virtualization of your Livebox remotely to enable you to access and control it remotely. Since April 2017, you can transfer some of the services and features of your Box to the network. You can access an enriched catalog of partner services, hosted on our network and updated in real time. You also benefit from remote assistance in case of a breakdown.

The Cloud: new opportunities for data management

A company that is going through digital transformation would like to store its data securely to make it easier for employees who work in the field. The adjustment of storage requirements based on activities requires flexibility in the infrastructure. Secure storage in the cloud will allow it to integrate data and applications on the Internet to make it easier to work out in the field or to allow employees to telecommute. It can size its storage capacity as it sees fit (Infrastructure As A Service).

Customers also benefit from the many opportunities offered by the cloud, such as storage and sharing all types of files (documents, videos, photos) from a smartphone, tablet or computer.