Encouraging innovative content

Every day, Orange identifies, supports and promotes the creative digital talent who are working to improve your entertainment experience. We have a particular focus on virtual reality and eSport, two immersive experiences that are in an exciting stage of development.

Encouraging innovative content

Inventing tomorrow’s content today

By 2020, Orange will have supported more than 500 start-ups. In terms of content, we offer them a space where they can demo to potential customers. For example, Orange has helped: 

Wevr: a VR creative studio that offers a virtual reality content distribution platform, funded by Orange Digital Ventures.

Reminiz: facial recognition technology integrated into the Orange box, funded though Orange Fab France season 2.

As a partner of the Beaumarchais-SACD since 2009, Orange also supports content creation through the Orange XR Fund – a scholarship for immersive content that recognises 3 innovative virtual and augmented reality projects each year.

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Orange, 1st French operator for virtual reality

Orange has always led the pack when it comes to unique and innovative content distribution. The “Orange VR Experience”, our first VR content portal, features a selection of the best 360-degree videos from famous Hollywood studios and independent production companies. The app also provides access via a VR cinema to a full 2D catalogue of OCS and Pickle TV programming. It is available on the Samsung Gear, Oculus Go, HTC Vive and also on iOS and Android through Cardboard headsets such as the Orange VR2. The app continues to evolve to become a reference catalogue in 360 entertainment, and will soon start offering new content services and social media functionality for sharing and watching with friends.

Orange VR Experience

Holotennis: world first in connected sport

Using the power and quality of our fibre network, Orange has partnered with the French Tennis Federation to enable visitors to the French Open 2017 and 2018 to try out an innovative teleportation experience. Holotennis is a new virtual reality immersive game which enables a player with an HTC Vive VR Headset to hit balls over the net to his opponent who is playing remotely. The game is set on a 3D version of the Philippe Chatrier court and the two players see themselves as holograms and can therefore see and compete against each other.

Sponsoring eSport development

eSport fans represented nearly 385 million viewers worldwide in 2017! It has become mainstream entertainment that relies on a high quality network and connectivity. Since September 2015, Orange has been sponsoring eSport, which includes providing events with Orange Fibre and supporting teams and tournaments in several countries across Europe and Asia.

Orange has also created a Rush eSport community, a digital platform that embodies Orange’s commitment to pro-gaming as an eSport equipment supplier for major events in France. It brings fans closer to their passion so they can attend events, get tips and meet the greatest players and streaming community. Orange was actively involved in the 2017 Paris Games Week, the first video game showcase in France.