Film and series: supporting film production

Orange Content has actively supported and participated in film production for many years. Spearheading this commitment, our subsidiary Orange Studio celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017, and our OCS TV package has become a key contributor to the diversity and quality of French film.

Film and series: supporting film production

10 years of success for Orange Studio

Our subsidiary Orange Studio invests in the co-production and purchase of French and European films and has built up a high quality catalogue. Around one hundred films have been coproduced since its creation in 2007, some of which have received numerous awards. Among the most well-known are “The Artist”, “Timbuktu”, “Le Petit Prince” and more recently “Cézanne et Moi”, “M & Mme Adelman”, “L’Embarras du Choix”, “L’Opéra” and, in 2017, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, Luc Besson’s adaptation of the famous comic strip. In addition, Orange Studio holds the rights to around 1,200 titles, including 600 audio-visual, which ensures its catalogues are as diverse as possible. In 2016, UGC Images and Orange Studio signed an agreement for distributing films across the cinema network.

OCS has committed to contribute 179m euros over five years to support the diversity of French filmmaking. In 2017, OCS worked with more than 40 different production companies, invested in all genres of film, dedicated 37% of its investment to low-budget productions and funded 15 first or second films. OCS has also partnered with UGC Images to offer exclusive new releases to its subscribers.

David Kessler, Orange Content Director
We want to increase our visibility among our target audience. Thanks to a recent agreement with UGC, 5 of ‘our’ films will be distributed under our brand: we’ll be named as the distributors. And of course we’ll continue to adapt to developments in the world of film! Releasing films at the same time in cinemas as high quality content that can be streamed on our platforms heralds a major evolution.
David Kessler, Orange Content Director

Orange is present through all the different stages of films and series: from coproduction and acquisition with Orange Studio through to distribution and broadcasting on all screens with Orange VOD services and OCS.  Orange Studio is actively developing its independent and diversified coproduction strategy, coupled with its search for film and music talent in Africa.

#DidYouKnow Orange is present through all stages of a film’s life

Orange as a festival partner

We have developed close partnerships with major film institutions and events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Deauville American Film Festival, the Lumière Film Festival, the Alpe d’Huez Comedy Film Festival and the Institut Lumière.

OCS, the 100% film and series package

OCS offers our customers the best of the small and big screen to enjoy at home or on their mobile. Distributed in France since 2008 and in Switzerland since 2017, OCS is a package of four thematic channels dedicated to film and series, and also a catch up service.

In an effort to keep its OCS package promise of “100% cinema series”, Orange works with the best film and series production and distribution companies: HBO, Sony Pictures Television, UGC Images, Studio Canal, Wild Bunch, Warner, Gaumont, Turner, Pathé, Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, Fox, Starz, Eone and Orange Studio. Building on their 10-year partnership, in 2017 OCS and HBO signed an agreement which enabled Orange to be the exclusive provider of the American channel in France. Our subscribers can now watch HBO programmes just 24 hours after their launch across the Atlantic!

From the beginning, OCS has supported French and European film production through agreements with the film industry. From French series to short format (26 minutes), and comedy or drama: OCS has an ambitious approach towards French programming.

Infographie OCS Signature


For the past four years, these series have been released under the OCS Signature label. It’s all part of OCS’s philosophy to finance exciting theatrical releases on a limited budget. “We provide up to 50% funding for a project while respecting the filmmakers’ creative freedom. The time to market is therefore much faster than for a classic series,” says Boris Duchesnay, Director of Programming at OCS.

Series: funding new creative talent

In 2018, the Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD) and OCS created the SACD / OCS Signature fund, with the first call for projects launched in March 2018. With a budget of 50,000 euros in 2018, it aims to highlight new TV scriptwriters and assist them in writing original, bold and inventive 26-minute format series.