New horizons: virtual reality and eSports

Every day, Orange identifies, supports and promotes technologies that will revolutionise the entertainment experience. We are particularly committed to the immersive experiences of virtual reality and eSports.

Virtual reality

In terms of innovation, Orange is continuing its ambition to support and democratise new uses by offering unique experiences made possible through its network capabilities. In 2017, Orange launched the free Orange VR Experience application, which offers VR entertainment content.

In January 2019, Orange launched a groundbreaking music service “LiveMusicVR”. A private concert by the French band Hyphen Hyphen was filmed in 360’ on a stage in Paris and broadcast live via the Orange VR Experience app as well as eight Orange stores in France.

As part of the Annecy International Animated film Festival held in June 2019, Orange offered a groundbreaking demo of the “Alone” VR experience inspired by the OCS Signature series Missions. Completely immersed in the world of series through a haptic seat, visitors explored a dark and fascinating universe with realistic 360° graphics and thrilling sound effects. They could also try out new features on the Orange VR Experience app including Crow: the legend from Baobab Studios, and The Blue from WeVR Studios.

Orange networks enable us to deliver ever-higher data speeds, opening the way to new and immersive experiences via our fixed fibre networks and mobile 4G and soon 5G networks.


Aware of the major evolution of eSports in the world of video games, Orange has been active in this area since 2015. eSports has become mainstream entertainment demanding the best network and optimal connection, essential tools for any competitor.

In Africa, Orange has supported the eSports craze since 2017 through its own pan-African competitions, the last of which brought together 8 of its African subsidiaries in Dakar in December 2018 under the label "Orange eSport Experience". A new eSport tournament dedicated to football is planned alongside the Africa Cup of Nations from 21 June 21 to 19 July 19 before the pan-African eSport finals are held in December 2019.

Finally, Orange is working with influencers, start-ups and specialist eSport publishers to create new service concepts and explore this fertile ground for innovation that combines games, video content and social media.