Our strategy to stay ahead in content

We’re continually enriching the experience for all our customers – viewers, listeners, gamers – with a focus on fresh, new and innovative content that adds to their entertainment value. This is possible thanks to the skills we have as an operator and distributor, along with our entertainment platforms that combine network quality with a broad range of content and enriched user experience.

Building our dual skills in aggregation and distribution

The digital revolution has brought with it the ability to access content simultaneously across different devices. New uses are being made possible through entertainment platforms that bring together digital content from different sources. 

Fully aware of this convergence, we use our network expertise to build our dual capability as an aggregator and distributor across all our operating countries. Our objective? To become the preferred interface between content and consumers on all platforms including mobile.

Did you know?

OCS, exclusive broadcaster of HBO in France

Since the OCS package was created in 2008, HBO has trusted in our subsidiary to distribute exclusive programming. From 2012, OCS has been able to broadcast series just 24 hours after their American debut. In 2015, OCS started screening “Game of Thrones” simultaneously with the United States, a first in France. The contract was renewed and extended in 2017 to recognise OCS as the exclusive broadcaster of HBO programming in France.

Offering the best entertainment experience to everyone

This ambition requires substantial investment at all levels! Orange attracts a huge galaxy of content into a universe that’s already very popular (free and pay channels, TVoD, SVoD) and that will be in the future (web channels, eSports, streaming video games). In 2017, we signed new partnerships with content producers such as HBO, UGC and Netflix.

For many years, Orange has also directly supported filmmaking through its subsidiaries OCS and Orange Studio. For example in 2017, Orange partnered with the production behind “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” directed by Luc Besson.

Finally, we’re also encouraging innovation especially in the field of eSport and virtual reality.

Focus on Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Content development would not be possible without the smooth deployment of very high-speed fixed and mobile networks. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best offers in film, TV series, sports and premium content wherever they live across our 29 countries. We want to strengthen our content investments in countries where our networks and business activities are already well established or are in the process of being established, starting with Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Serge Laroye, Deputy Director Orange Content and President of OCS
We’re developing a global strategy while adapting it to the specificities of each country. This is a real difference compared to the GAFA.
Serge Laroye, Deputy Director Orange Content and President of OCS

In Europe, Orange aims to offer the widest possible distribution of the best content on the market. All eight Orange European countries offer TV bundles, either via IPTV, cable, satellite or OTT. We also invest in cinema and series through OCS and Orange Studio. In Africa and the Middle East, Orange is continuing to develop new TV and VoD offers. From now on, Mauritius, Senegal and Côte D’Ivoire will bring customers TV and VoD. Thanks to a joint venture between Orange and Canal Overseas, the Telenum service will also soon be launched in Africa. Last but not least we focus on the Middle East, where Tunisia and Egypt have recently completed their SVoD offers with the launch of ICFlix.

Beyond TV and VoD across the region, we’re developing our partnerships with local content providers. Orange Content also encourages local investment to produce or co-produce a range of series.

Africa: making film more accessible with CanalOlympia

CanalOlympia is the first network of cinemas and events launched by Vivendi in Central and West Africa. It has eight cinemas to date, and will reach a dozen by the end of 2018. Orange is promoting the partnership through its Cinédays programme available throughout the CanalOlympia cinema network. What’s more, through our expertise and technical know-how, we can ensure the best connectivity and improve the digital distribution of films.