Orange is revolutionizing financial services

The need for networks, the cloud, data and data security has assisted digital players in entering the financial sector. They are the originators of a profound transformation in the model for this sector, to the benefit of users. This change invites us to think natively digital and to prioritize mobile.

At Orange, we are at the forefront of innovation, offering financial and banking services designed by our digital experts. Our networks make these services reliable, available, secure and adapted to the degree of banking in each country.

I think that the banking sector has not yet achieved its true digital transformation.
Stéphane Richard, Show Hello – April 2017

Banking sector in a full swing

The development of online banking services has changed the way customers do things. They want more speed, flexibility and simplicity in their banking relationship. 85% of all interactions are now carried out via smartphone!

These new uses are supported by major technological advances. Biometrics, for example, offer new ways to secure client authentication on their own. Chatbots, real virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence, can supplement bank advisors' expertise. Nevertheless, they are still your privileged interlocutors, especially for the most complex decisions, such as securing a loan.

Recent regulatory developments have accompanied these upheavals, such as the European Payment Services Directive (DSP2), which will open the market to new players in 2018 and will reduce the cost of access to methods of payment for consumers.

54% of Europeans regurlarly use mobile payments.

Mobile money & mobile banking: our international ambition

Develop mobile banking solutions in Europe
Be number 1 in mobile money in Africa and the Middle East

The source of major transformations in your daily life, mobile banking and mobile money are markets of the future in the three major regions where we are located. The development of this activity will allow us to explore new territories, anticipate your needs and prepare our future drivers of growth.

We have a powerful brand to help us get there. We also have a large customer base, thanks to a strong distribution network and technical and marketing expertise.

Orange and Fintech

Fintech, a financial services start-up, is one of the new players in the banking market. Reimbursements between individuals, security of exchanges between banks and payment services providers, transfers of money directly allocated to products or services, participatory financing of SMEs... are all included in the solutions they develop. At Orange, we are putting multiple devices in place to support the growth of some Fintech projects.

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