Orange Cash: the mobile, contactless payment in France and Spain

More and more of you are making contactless card payments, especially for small amounts. In July 2017, 108 million people were doing this in France, which is an increase of 112% in one year . Faced with the popularity of this transaction method, we developed Orange Cash, a prepaid payment service available in metropolitan France and in Spain. 

Pay with your mobile: it's possible and practical

With Orange Cash, we are transforming your smartphone into a virtual credit card. You always have your mobile phone with you, right? You can settle low-value transactions by holding your mobile phone over the contactless card reader in partner stores. Since 2015, almost 600,000 Group customers have settled small amounts or paid for small purchases with their mobile phones by using Orange Cash.

  1. 11.5 million French users equipped with an NFC mobile phone(June 2016)
  1. € 12: this is the average purchase amount paid by contactless methods in France

Optimal security

Orange Cash is based on a partnership between Orange, Wirecard and Visa. It guarantees the protection and security of transactions and personal data. Thanks to the SIM card, the level of security with Orange Cash is comparable to that of a contactless bank card,. A security code is required for certain transactions, such as online payments. The customer can also choose to activate this option for every transaction.

Orange Cash: how it works

Orange Cash is a contactless mobile payment app that can be used on any compatible mobile device. It does not require any kind of commitment or subscription. It works on the basis of a prepaid account. You first have to add credit to your account to make purchases up to the amount deposited.

You can recharge the account with a Visa or MasterCard, no matter which bank it's from. It also allows you to make purchases at points of sale that accept contactless payments in France, in the Visa network abroad, and online at sites that accept Visa cards.


NFC: the technology that makes everyday life easier

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a short-distance, wireless connection technology. Compatible mobile phones are equipped with a second antenna that manages NFC exchanges. Holding your mobile phone close to a reader triggers an action that allows you to pay for a purchase, validate a transportation ticket or access information. As a mobile services provider, Orange plays the role of providing equipment and support for private customers, companies and communities in mobile contactless services, via our NFC Service Center.