Orange Finanse in Poland: an innovative bank offering for a young and digitalized clientele

To meet the needs of simplicity, efficiency and security of 38 million ultra-connected Poles, many of whom use multiple banks, Orange launched Orange Finanse in Poland, a 100% mobile banking offering.

Something new in the east: Poland, ready to jump on the banking innovation bandwagon

In 2013, almost 40% of Poles did not use banks. Conversely, most who had made the choice to use banks at all held several bank accounts. All of them proved to be extremely connected and mobile payers. So, Poland seemed ready for... a 100% mobile bank! By 2016, a large part of Poland’s 38 million inhabitants were using smartphones and 3 million were using mobile payments.

By late 2016, Orange Finanse had acquired more than 350,000 customers.

Orange Finanse: First Orange mobile bank initiative

Launched in Poland in October 2014 through a distribution partnership with mBank, Orange Finanse allows you to manage a bank account, and offers loan and savings services.

With the Orange Finanse app, Polish consumers can open an account from their smartphone and also use it to manage their money. It also allows them to apply for credit, make a money transfer to a mobile number, make a contactless payment at a retailer, and withdraw money from ATMs using their mobile phones.

Orange Finanse will be available soon in Slovakia.